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  • Kellie Truesdell

    Kellie Truesdell

  • Harald Felgner

    Harald Felgner

    Encouraging to cross boundaries: IT vs #Marketing, local vs global, from #Agile to #Innovation. #AI #IoT #CX #UX #BX @AXA. My opinions are my own.

  • Adam W

    Adam W

    Aspiring Voice Interaction Designer // Audio Editor // Sound Designer.

  • Susmitha Priyadarshini

    Susmitha Priyadarshini

  • Veniamin


  • Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson

    UX designer exploring how technology can make us better humans

  • Speech Recognition Blog

    Speech Recognition Blog

    Improving user experience through voice

  • Cornelia Herischek

    Cornelia Herischek

    Berlin-based career changer, foodie, cat lover. On the exciting journey to UX & Voice. M.A. Media Studies & former project manager in Audio.

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